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COVId-19 Precautions

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

It's important to remember that the COVID-19 crisis hasn't yet passed, and so we'll be making some changes to how we run classes.


Cap all classes at 8 people

This is slightly lower than the allowed 10 person limit, however we feel that social distancing requirements, especially when we're all training together on an obstacle, mean 8 is more feasible. This may be subject to change in either direction, once we get into the swing of it again.

Require booking for all classes

To maintain appropriate class sizes, and minimise unnecessary travel, you must book in online for all classes.

Avoid all contact during class.

This includes greetings like handshakes and hugs, as well as training. We will avoid any training exercises that require people to be close or touching (like piggy backs, etc) and any training that would require spotting. All students and coaches will remain distanced at all times.

Carry hand sanitiser, wipes and sprays.

All coaches will have a supply of sanitiser in various forms, and will use it to wipe down surfaces if relevant and to regularly sanitise hands. We ask that you consider carrying your own supply as well.

Avoid high-traffic areas and touching things like hand-rails

That means we'll be focusing more on things like jumping, striding and balance, and less on vaulting over handrails, and climbing.

Every day is gonna be leg day for a while.

Waive all cancellation penalties

Our usual policy is to require 24 hours cancellation notice from our students, for any refunds to payments made. As it is so important to stay home if you develop any symptoms, if you do need to cancel any class, there will be no penalty.


  • Don't come to class if you or someone in your household has a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19, or any flu-like symptoms, fever or cough.

  • Don't come to class is someone in your household is immunocompromised, or in high-risk population.

  • Let us know if you develop symptoms or test positive, so we can inform those who have been in class with you.

  • Wash your hands well before and after class, and use sanitiser regularly. Wash your training clothes and shower as soon as you get home, and keep your training shoes outside or near the door.

  • Understand that our regular parkour classes do still pose risk of transmission. While we'll do everything we can to minimise that, we'll never make that risk zero. Coming to class is taking on that risk.

  • Continue to be so understanding. If anyone on our coaching staff comes into contact with the virus, or develops symptoms, this may mean cancellation of classes. We have a small team, and replacement coaches may not always be available.

  • Let us know if you have any suggestions for ways to make classes safer and more accessible. If you'd like to make suggestions anonymously, you can do that here.

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