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about us

At Melbourne in Motion (MinM), we run parkour and movement classes for all levels of experience, confidence and fitness. 


We want to help create a world where everyone feels confident to move and play in public spaces. MinM is run by people with a range of life experiences, including women, LGBTQIA+ people, and people of colour. We're passionate about fostering welcoming, inclusive community spaces, especially for people who are marginalised or a minority. 


We believe that there's more to training than who can jump the furthest, or do the most push-ups. We are continually finding new and interesting ways to train, to be challenged, and grow as movement practitioners, but also as humans. 




All people should feel welcome and safe, and find space in which to thrive. We are passionate about dismantling structural, cultural or systemic barriers to inclusion in movement and parkour. We believe diversity, - of lived experience, perspectives, and movement styles - is where we find our strength.


To be truly curious is to be free from arrogance and assumption, to avoid competition, judgement or comparison, and to approach the world with humility. We value openness to change and to new ideas, and always aim to be evolving, adaptable and flexible.


We aim to overcome obstacles - that’s what parkour is all about. But we know that every obstacle is experienced differently by each of us. Progress is measured not in objective terms (like the length of your jump) but in individual and subjective ways. Courage is about putting in the effort to identify what scares you, why, and how to overcome it.


Parkour training focuses on the development of strengths, self-awareness and risk intelligence, with the aim to make parkour and movement a lifelong pursuit.
As such, the physical and emotional safety of everyone in our community is paramount.


Play is how we learn, how we grow, how we bond, how we can become better people. Play is a basic human right. We challenge mainstream fitness culture and its focus on productivity. Instead, we want to create fun, and joy, and foster the open-ended exploration of play.





she/ her

Kel has been coaching parkour since 2014, mostly in Scotland (her favourite place in the universe) and in Melbourne since she returned in 2016.

Kel believes passionately that parkour and movement is for every body. She has worked for years to help dismantle the gender bias in parkour, with groups like Glasgow Parkour Girls and Women of Melbourne Parkour. She has a particular interest in helping to provide access and support to those who have been marginalised by mainstream sports cultures; the weird kids who maybe switched off from movement and playing because PE class wasn't set up for them. Kel is currently undertaking a PhD in Design at RMIT, with a focus on parkour vision and it's potential for thinking about urban design. She doesn’t like shoes that much and recently developed an interest in throwing heavy things around.



they / them

Ale is a writer and researcher with a background in anthropology. They are an active member of Naarm's parkour community, which informs their thinking and artistic practice. At present, Ale is writing a narrative non-fiction book about experiences of women and trans* people who do parkour, which explores the intersection of public space, movement, play and gender. Ale also works part-time at String Theory, a small organisation that does participatory evaluation and research for community programs.

John Chunny


he / him

Having trained in Parkour for over 10 years, beginning from being inspired by video games. John began instructing with the Canberra Parkour Association in 2011, John has a wide range of instructional experience from teaching school programs and youth, through to adult group classes, workshops, and private tuition.

John enjoys the playful experimentation creative side of movement in his training, often drawing inspiration from dance movements. This playfulness nature can often come through in his teaching.Outside of Parkour movement, John is a Digital Artist and chocoholic soon to finishing Bachelor of Animation, who has grown up with a constant stream of video games influencing his life.

Between animation, parkour and games John can often be found climbing trees, drawing, playing the guitar, dancing, reading fantasy or drinking bubble tea



she / her

Siobhan started Parkour in 2013 whilst studying Intellectual Disability. The intent of starting parkour was to strengthen her back from an ongoing back injury that happened in 2012 and has loved it ever since. Siobhan has a background in ballet and enjoys incorporating the creativity of dance and choreography into her training.
Outside of parkour Siobhan's passions include studying everything she can about history, literature and music.

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