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Melbourne in Motion currently runs parkour classes, for all levels of experience, confidence and fitness. We also run classes and workshops across range of movement disciplines. Our interests and experience ranges from parkour, dance, tree-climbing, sword fighting, circus, barefoot training, power-lifting, martial arts, and much more! If you have an idea or skill to share please get in touch! We'd love to collaborate with like-minded people or organisations.

- Parkour classes

- Online parkour classes

- Parkour and movement in schools

- Movement workshops

- Parties and events

- Specialised workshops

- Personal training

- Performance and media

MiM aims to a create safe and inclusive environments. We value community and helping minorities have space and find confidence. Run by diverse people (including women, LGBTQIA+, and people of colour), diversity is important to us in our training and in our lives. We believe that there's more to training than who can jump the furthest, or do the most push-ups. We are more interested in continually finding new and interesting ways to train, to be challenged, and grow as movement practitioners, but also as humans. We're passionate about making spaces for people of all kinds in movement, especially people who are otherwise marginalised or a minority. If this is you or your community group (for example, PoC, LGBTQIA+, disabled people, older people) please get in touch to discuss how we can help you get involved and have some fun!

At Melbourne in Motion, we value: 


Play is the beginning of everything. Play is how we learn, how we grow, how we relax, how we bond, how we can become better people. We want to bring play back into everyone’s lives.



All people should feel welcome and safe, and able to develop to their fullest. We are passionate about dismantling structural, cultural or systemic barriers to inclusion in movement and parkour.



Movement from all angles, people from all backgrounds. We believe diversity, both in what we do and who we do it with, is the only way to progress.



We aim to face challenges and obstacles head-on. Bravery is not to be confused with recklessness or fearlessness, and it’s not measured by how far you jump or high you climb. Bravery is about identifying what scares you, and how to overcome it.



We are in it for the long haul. Our training will always be as safe as possible, and we train to develop physical and mental strength that will last a lifetime.



To put too much stock in one’s ego is a surefire way to sabotage the other values. Humility is not low-self esteem; humility is to be free from arrogance, to avoid competition, judgement or comparison, and to be open to new experiences and knowledge.  

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