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  • John Chunny Baker

Training at night

Originally posted on his blog - check it out there too!

A seasoned traceur will know and understand that parkour is only about 30 or 40% physical, give or take. Even if you’ve only been training a short while, if you’ve ever stared down the barrel of a scary jump, you’ll know.the major aspect of parkour is mental. And so, today we will be discussing the importance of incorporating night training sessions into your regular training.

A big part of parkour is, challenging the mind to overcome various mental obstacles: whether that be fear, uncertainty, low confidence, overconfidence, concentration, the list goes on. In parkour (and life in general) we are obstacles to ourselves. Often we are our own worst enemy, throwing self doubt, super criticism or whatever else in our own path.

Through training parkour we can condition and train the body all we want, but in the end it is up to how strong we are mentally. Training during the night can help improve ourselves both physically and mentally.

The obvious benefits of training at night include:

- It’s quieter.

The quiet of the night can be very tranquil and pleasant experience, The quietness of the night can get you into a state of meditation, and aid concentration.

- It’s cooler