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she/ her

parkour, pole dance, stunts & more

Bri “Pancake” began her instructing journey as a personal trainer 8 years ago back in Perth. She started pole dancing 6 years ago which she now teaches at Trainstation dance and fitness in St Kilda. 5 years ago she found Parkour and fell in love, not only the challenges it presents but for the people it's brought into her life. Bri uses the above skills as her specialties as a stunt actor (Provisional).


they/ them

circus arts, hand balancing, parkour & more

Evie started out their training journey during second year of their chemistry degree, in 2010. Having moved from rural WA to The Big City (Perth) and living alone, they were faced with the realisation that they were, in fact, the weakest person they knew, so they set out to get stronger.
The gym turned into parkour, turned into learning to teach parkour, turned into becoming a senior instructor and then the West Australian representative for Australian Parkour Association; running Perth Parkour, organising Perth NatGat, running the Perth Parkour classes, Women*’s classes and advanced classes, as well as learning circus on the side; all while completing their degree, honours research and thesis.

Since then Evie has travelled the world, training parkour and circus, eventually ending up in Melbourne, where they are now completing their Bachelor of Circus Arts at NICA.


he/ him

parkour, photography & more

Grant hasn't given the website maker a bio or any photos yet. He's a bit shy.

Here are some photos of puppies instead.

John Chunny

he / him

parkour, illustration, fluid movement & more

Having trained in Parkour for over 10 years, beginning from being inspired by video games. John began instructing with the Canberra Parkour Association in 2011, John has a wide range of instructional experience from teaching school programs and youth, through to adult group classes, workshops, and private tuition.

John enjoys the playful experimentation creative side of movement in his training, often drawing inspiration from dance movements. This playfulness nature can often come through in his teaching.Outside of Parkour movement, John is a Digital Artist and chocoholic soon to finishing Bachelor of Animation, who has grown up with a constant stream of video games influencing his life.

Between animation, parkour and games John can often be found climbing trees, drawing, playing the guitar, dancing, reading fantasy or drinking bubble tea


she/ her

parkour, fitness, art & more

Kel has been coaching parkour since 2014, mostly in Scotland (her favourite place in the universe) and in Melbourne since she returned in 2016.

Kel believes passionately that parkour and movement is for every body. She has worked for years to help dismantle the gender bias in parkour, with groups like Glasgow Parkour Girls and Women of Melbourne Parkour. She has a particular interest in helping to provide access and support to those who have been marginalised by mainstream sports cultures; the weird kids who maybe switched off from movement and playing because PE class wasn't set up for them. Outside parkour, Kel is a visual artist with a MFA from the Glasgow School of Art. She doesn’t like shoes that much and recently developed an interest in throwing heavy things around.


she/ her

parkour, game design & more

Penelope is a perpetually tired nerd with a fake British accent. Born and raised in Canberra (or Canbraaa as it's colloquially known), she has been training parkour since 2011, and has loved (and often hate-loved) every minute of it.

Penelope has a strong coaching background, having taught a variety of subjects for years, including swimming, fencing, photography, free-roam virtual reality, and of course, parkour.

As a real human that exists on this earth, Penelope is a queer, polyamorous game designer who enjoys games, art, dance and movement, and food. She's passionate about community and people, and about helping herself and others find new ways to have fun and thrive in this weird, uncomfortable world we're all stuck in.

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