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We're in the ongoing process of compiling resources to help you train and stay fit at home. If you've got suggestions for an info sheet, please send us an email or post in our Facebook group. 

All of these resources are available free for everybody.

If you can, we'd appreciate any and all contributions (or gift certificate purchases) to help us stay afloat in this difficult time.



Lectures for parkour instructors

With support from the Australian Parkour Association, we are excited to present a series of lectures for parkour instructors, and movement coaches, all over Australia and the world!

These lectures aim to help beginning and experienced parkour instructors to continue professional development and education while we're all stuck in quarantine.


Our resources blog


Our collection of articles, videos, blogs and other stuff to help you with your training 





We write up notes from each of our Parkour for Beginners courses. See your course date below: 


Course FEB/ MAR 2020


We believe in community, and in diversity of movement.

We've collected below some links to awesome folk doing awesome things- check 'em out.


FACEBOOK groups 


Melbourne in motion community

Parkour Melbourne Group


parkour research

Parkour in VIctoria


Women of melbourne parkour


Parkour Geelong

Walk the walls

Central Victoria



Parkour in australia


australian parkour association

perth parkour

women of perth parkour

south australian parkour assoc.

point a (adelaide)

Tasmanian parkour and freerunning

women of sydney parkour 

Parkour internationally


Parkour earth

art of retreat

pk nz

other movement in VIctoria


fearless movement collective

Proud 2 play

climbing qts

train station dance and fitness

blogs and podcasts we like


decolonising fitness

Non Gendered fitness


Embrace the Void


bent knees and raised fists

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