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Neurodiversity and Inclusion

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Real inclusion isn't about ticking off a checklist. It is about connected and caring relationships, and it can only happen when we are willing to listen to disabled people and work with them to ensure our spaces and services are meeting everyone's needs.

In "Neurodiversity & Inclusivity" Paula will challenge the dominant narrative surrounding autism and other disabilities, as we explore and consider the Neurodiversity Paradigm and the Social Model of Disability. She will look at how understanding and embracing these concepts is vital in ensuring our classes and communities are safe and inclusive for neurodivergent children and adults.

Paula is a movement loving, neurodivergent woman; eternally optimistic and curious about everything. She started training Parkour in 2016 and fell in love. The movements were reminiscent of a childhood full of running, jumping, climbing, swinging, playing. Paula believes there is so much freedom, creativity, autonomy, and playfulness in Parkour, along with a very healthy dose of challenge and discomfort, that she won’t ever stop. Parkour has supported her to strengthen the relationship she has with her body, mind and soul, and trust in their capabilities. She has never felt so strong (at 38, with three young children), both physically and mentally. Paula has worked as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer in the past, but none of that satisfied her in the way Parkour does. The clear integration of the physical and spiritual aspects of the practice, along with the parallels it has to the challenges and struggles we face in everyday life, are like nothing else I have experienced. Paula is also a Breathwork Facilitator, and is fascinated by the ways in which we can integrate and weave together healing with movement.

Be sure to check out Paula's website, and follow her on Insta and FB.


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