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Incident reporting

Links below to reports in the event of a near-miss, minor or major incident, or to identify a hazard that could contribute to a future incident.


All reports should be completed as soon as possible after the incident takes place. Must absolutely be completed within 24 hrs. It is recommended to carry a small notepad and pen in your first aid kit to record details (like times etc etc) for medical personnel, and to be included in these reports. 


It is always better to have a report that we don't need than to not have a report that we do - there are potential legal repercussions for not having recorded reports of all incidents. So, if in any doubt, make a report. (And if in doubt of which report to use, go for the 'higher' level.) 

Use to report a possible hazard you've noticed, which hasn't yet contributed to an incident/ injury/ etc, to help avoid it in the future

Use to report a close call or near miss you witnessed, to help avoid it in the future

Use to report details of minor incidents (falls, scrapes and minor injuries) at a class or event. (Anything that requires use of first aid kit, or that requires a student/ coach to leave the class or event, or to step away from training)

Use to report details of major incidents  at a class or event. (Anything that requires immediate attention from medical personnel,  or an ambulance. Any broken bones, significant blood loss, significant mental or emotional distress, irreversible injury, disability, death.)

Upon completing a report, make sure to let other coaches/ staff know, so reviews can be done. 

The best practice for this is to go to the Incident Report project in Asana, and make a new column  for the incident. There you can make a task for completing the report and assign it to yourself, then make a task for each of the two coaches completing the review (chose two senior coaches)

If that's not possible, start a post in the M(elbourne) in M(otion) facebook group (NOT the Melbourne in Motion Community group)

Links below to review forms to be completed after any of the above forms have been received. All reports are to be reviewed independently by two other senior coaches (and if there is significant disagreement between those two in severity of future risk/ danger, by a third and/or fourth.)


All reviews should be completed as soon as possible after the report is lodged. (Of course if further information/ discussion is required, that may delay the review and that's a-okay). Reviews should be completed within a week of receiving the incident report, unless there are extenuating circumstances.


The best practice here is to call a meeting in person, however it is up to the discretion of the group to decide if an online conversation or meeting is adequate.

If you notice any errors or omissions in these forms, please let Kel know. 

To look at previous incident reports, and their reviews, here's the spreadsheet. (Responses to the forms above can also be viewed within the form itself, if you have the required permissions.)

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